Wonder Park Rated PG

Mon 3/18: 6:00
Tues 3/19: 5:30 | 7:45
Wed 3/20 & Thurs 3/21: 6:00

PG |1 hr 25 min

Plot Summary

June is a wildly imaginative girl who finds an old roller-coaster car while running through the woods. After climbing inside, she suddenly finds herself in Wonderland — an amusement park she created in her mind. With the park falling into disarray, June and a group of lovable animals must now try to put the wonder back into Wonderland before it’s lost forever.

Cast: Jennifer GarnerMatthew BroderickJohn OliverMila KunisKenan ThompsonKen JeongNorbert Leo ButzBrianna Denski

Director: Dylan C. Brown

Website: https://www.paramount.com/movies/wonder-park


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