How to Train Your Dragon Rated PG

Mon 3/18: 6:00
Tues 3/19: 5:30 | 7:45
Wed 3/20 & Thurs 3/21: 6:00

PG |1 hr 44 min

Plot Summary

All seems well on the island of Berk as Vikings and dragons live together in peace and harmony. Now a Viking leader, Hiccup finds himself increasingly attracted to Astrid, while his beloved dragon Toothless meets an enchanting creature who captures his eye. When the evil Grimmel launches a devious plan to wipe out all the dragons, Hiccup must unite both clans to find Caldera — a hidden land that holds the key to saving Toothless and his flying friends.-Moviefone

Cast: Jay BaruchelAmerica FerreraF. Murray AbrahamCate BlanchettGerard ButlerCraig FergusonJonah HillChristopher Mintz-Plasse

Director: Dean DeBlois



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